Microcurrent Facials



 The benefits of Beautiful Image Facial Sculpting™ include:
      Reduction of fine lines, creases and wrinkles
      Hydration and revitalization, resulting in smoother and softer skin
      Improvement of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
      Rejuvenating restoration of the "pink glow" of youthful tones
      Visible firming and contouring, lifting overall drooping features
      Tightening of sagging jowls, doubling chins and fatty cheeks
      Shrinking of enlarged pores
      Reduction of blackheads and acne
      Reduction of scars and pitting
      Reduction of dark circles and puffiness under eyes
      Reduction of the symptoms from Eczema, Melasma and Rosacea

All of this without the usual risks…no redness, no harmful side-effects, no wounding, no abrasion, no soreness, and no pain.

While many cosmetic procedures like skin resurfacing rely upon invasive means such as wounding the dermis to obtain results, the results from Beautiful Image are produced in a non-invasive and non-abrasive way the stimulates natural regenerative powers within your body.

 Clinical research shows the following effects:
        500% increase in ATP (adenosine triphosphate, the chemical fuel of
        human cells) 35% increase in blood circulation

        40% increase in Gluconeogeneis, (production of new glucose)

        45% increase in the number of elastin fibers in the dermis

        50% increase in length of the elastin fibers

        35% increase in the number of blood vessels

        10% increase in collagen thickness in the connective tissue

        28% increase lymphatic drainage

How is the procedure done, how does it feel and how many treatments
will I need?

The experience is so wonderfully relaxing and euphoric, that you may find yourself drifting off to sleep. Specially formulated skin products are first applied over the targeted areas of the face or body. This essential blend is used as a conductor to enhance the effectiveness of the wave form, penetrating deep into the skin as the wands gentle glide over the areas being treated. The number of procedures recommended is determined upon your age and skin condition. Most clients are able to see noticeable improvement after their very first visit.  Ten treatments will achieve optimal results.

Beautiful Image Microcurrent Technology

Feel No Pain or Discomfort
Microcurrent facial treatments emit subtle electrical frequencies that mimic the body’s own electrical signals, sending familiar messages to the muscles and the cells in the skin.

After 30 years in the cosmetic technology industry, we have spent more than 10 of those years developing what we believe to be the hallmark of all Microcurrent facial treatments, and our clients tend to agree. It is called Microcurrent Facial Sculpting™ which is simply a treatment that uses a "secret formula" of eight different waveform sequences which are conducted through probes onto 32 or the 53 facial muscles utilizing traditional acupuncture points of the face and body.

Say Goodbye to Laser Facials
Unlike Thermage®, Polaris™, Titan™, and other similar treatments, Beautiful Image Facial Sculpting™ does not use any source of energy that alters your cells--no lasers and no infrared. It simply uses a pulsed series of eight microcurrent frequencies, and microcurrent has been used safely on the human body since the 1940's.

Consumers seeking noninvasive aesthetic procedures have been reluctant when facing the risks of cell-altering energy that wounds the dermal layers in an attempt to stimulate collagen growth. We have responded to the demand for an alternative with a treatment that not only avoids such risks, but is completely painless, even relaxing, like a facial massage.

Join the thousands who are turning to us for an affordable indulgence that will make you look and feel years younger. 

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