Ear Reflexology / Auriculotherapy


Ear Reflexology Auriculotherapy

 “Reflexology is a science based on the artful application of gentle pressure on reflex areas in the body, most usually hands, feet and ears, which produces harmony, health, and homeostasis.”  

Auriculotherapy or Ear Reflexology is a healthcare modality in which the external surface of the ear, or auricle, is stimulated to alleviate pathological conditions in other part of the body. While originally based upon the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture, the somatotopic correspondence of specific parts of the body to specific parts of the ear was first developed in modern France. Auriculotherapy is the integrated system of Chinese and Western practices.

Ear Reflexology can be used to treat diseases involving blood circulation, improving nutrition, nerve function, stimulate immune system, improving lymphatic function and maintaining physical stamina. According to Oriental Medicine auricular massage prolongs life and prevents disease by promoting the circulation of QI (electro-magnetic energy) and blood in the meridians. This regulates the function of the organs, restores harmony between Yin & Yang, normalizes the nervous system and activates mental acuity.

Ear Reflexology is a non-invasive method of preventing and treating pain and disease. There are three techniques commonly used in Ear Reflexology. One is self massage, two is ear acu-point pressure and three is acu-magnets or acu-pellets applied to ear acu-points.

Ear Reflexology method one is preformed by pressing, rubbing or kneading specific areas of the ear. A self massage of the ear is usually painless and can be applied instantly. Your ears are always accessible to massage. Once you become aware of your ear anatomy you can treat yourself day and night. Commonly treating digestive disorders, improving hearing and vision, reducing pain and lowering blood pressure.

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The Wright Center Massage Therapy
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